If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.




    Team Members

    Type - Meta Outside​

    The beautiful types of team members can easily be
    changed, meta inside or outside it’s your choice.

    Type - Meta Inside

    Gather together all the info of the team member inside
    the hover type, you can also change the hover style.

    Hover Style - Hide

    Switching the hover style is not the all, you
    can simply turn it off and hide the hover.

    Hover Style - Scale

    Very interactive hover style can be switched easily
    and make your team members look really creative.


    It’s simple and very easy to change the typography
    of the team to more than 600 different google fonts.

    Layout - Grid

    Start adding team members in a great looking grid,
    with plenty of options that can be mixed together.

    Carousel Layout

    Create fully responsive carousel slides with team members, tons of 
    options are included to enhance speed, animation and much more.

    Metro Layout

    Use the metro layout powered by packery plugin that
    fills empty gaps, order them quickly as you wish.

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