If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.




    Social Media


    Various shapes can be selected for the social media
    elements for example rounded, square, circle.


    Easily align the social medias on each side 
    you want left, center, right or justify.

    Official Color

    Each social media is represented by its official
    color, no need to add any custom color.

    Custom Color

    Stylizing the social media is pretty simple, 
    you can grab any color from the picker.


    The flexibility of social media doesn’t stop here,
    adjust the size from an interactive spinner.


    Even the padding between the social media and
    it’s holder can be changed to different em size.


    Add custom space between the social medias,
    the unit that the space is represented is pixel.

    Border Type

    The border type of social media can be changed
    to solid, double, dotted, dashed or groove.

    Border Width

    The border thickness can be enhanced differently
    sizes also with a beautiful combination of the type.

    Border Radius

    The border radius can be curved to different
    size and can be combine with different types.

    Hover Color

    The primary color and the secondary color can
    be changed and combined for differently hover colors.

    Hover Animation

    Different animations can be attached to
    the social media elements on the hover.

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